Bright Stars was developed as a project of The Peace Agency – a child-focused NGO situated in Durban, South Africa.  It is the brain child of Peace Agency co-founder Justin Foxton who was himself a mentor with the local chapter of the US mentorship program Big Brothers, Big Sisters. He mentored a young man named Paul and experienced first-hand the immense transformative power that mentorship can have.

About Bright Stars

In 2011 after the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program withdrew from South Africa, Justin decided to form a South African equivalent and hence Bright Stars was born. The program is modelled on Big Brothers, Big Sisters but has been adapted to suit our local needs.

In South African we have more than 20 000 children living in Child and Youth Care Centres. These children are cared for by one adult who is doing their best but often not adequately paid or trained. Each adult is responsible for the upbringing of 8 to 10 – often more – children.


During our first years of operation, Bright Stars recruited potential adult mentors who we trained, screened and matched with carefully selected individual children in selected Child and Youth Care Centre’s. These mentors engaged in a mentorship relationship with that child for a period of one year. Mentors spent one hour a week for a minimum period of a year visiting the child with the aim of guiding, empowering and improving his or her self-esteem.

Bright Stars has achieved:

Children Mentored




Youth mentorship gives each person the opportunity to impact and make an enormous difference to one life.

Bright Stars originally worked in several Child and Youth Care Centres in Durban and Johannesburg. The programs in these homes were managed by The Peace Agency who offered training, screening, support and guidance. Demands have shown us that we need to change our model to make it more inclusive of other homes and organisations and make it accessible to more people.

Let’s Do Something Better Together!

We will now be making our program content available to any organisation who wishes to implement it. We will provide all the material and guidelines on how the program should run and then each organisation can run their own mentorship program according to their specific needs.
From this site you can download the training material and templates of the documentation we have created.

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Need our Assistance?

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