Youth mentorship is a

powerful tool

that can be used to change the future of South Africa

Be the


that you want to see in the world

Bright Stars is a youth mentorship program that pairs trained adult mentors with vulnerable youth to walk their journey of life with them and be a good adult role model who can increase self esteem and confidence.



Do you think you’re mentor material? Cool, this is how it works…

Acquaint yourself …

with our programme.  Click here to do a DIY Orientation as this will give you a better feel for the programme.

Qualifying criteria…

this is an important part of the process – read through our mentor criteria here and if you “qualify” then continue as guided below (click here)


submit your application on the Mentor Universe page on our website. Once you’ve submitted your application we will acknowledge receipt within 48 hours and let you know when our next scheduled training will be held.  Login on the Mentor Universe page and complete the remainder of the application and screening process as instructe


one of our training sessions in your area and learn how to be the best mentor you can be. Our training is interactive, well researched and relevant and will leave you feeling equipped, empowered and ready to go!

Get face-to-face…

we will invite you to join us for a chat so we can find out what makes you tick! This will help us to match you and your Little Star accurately.


congratulations, you’re a Bright Stars Mentor! If you are approved you will receive a Bright Stars certificate telling you so.


we match boys with boys and girls with girls. We look for aspects of compatibility in matching; we want you both to feel the love and enjoy a superb mentorship relationship.

Match Day…

we kick the programme off with a fabulous party where introductions are made, laughter and fun are mandatory, and a beautiful relationship begins.


Winston Churchill said, “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”

The mentoring of a vulnerable child is indeed a worthwhile journey and we want you to be prepared to take on this incredible opportunity.

We train our mentors and provide ongoing inspiration, motivation and support throughout the mentorship cycle.

We host training days and enrichment workshops throughout the year to equip mentors with tools to build relationships, overcome challenges, have a positive impact and make the most of teachable moments.

We want to give you all that you need to be the best mentor and help your Little Star dazzle!  Click here for more information on what the training covers.



Bright Stars is a Programme of The Peace Agency, registered NPO (088-756)