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How old do I have to be to mentor?

Mentors need to be 21 and older. Those applicants who are 18-21 will be selected on a case-by-case basis.

Do I need qualifications to be a mentor?

No! We believe that life offers its own education and it’s the unique experiences that people have that qualifies them to be mentors. We want to work with mentors from all walks of life! However, we do have some basic criteria that will help to make your mentor experience wonderful, and our administration efficient. Click here to see our criteria.

Can I choose the child that I want to mentor?

Matching is an important process! We match each mentor and child thoughtfully and according to strengths and points of commonality. We get help from those people who know the child’s needs the best. Again, girls with girls and boys with boys! Mentors can advise of their preferred age bracket.

Can I see my Little Star whenever I want?

Schedules of mentors, the facilities and selected children will be compared to put together a weekly visitation roster that suits everyone! Mentors need to stick to the roster as far as possible.

How old are the children that will be mentored?

We work with children between the ages of 6 and 20, really from Grade 1 – 12.

Where do the children come from?

Bright Stars focuses on vulnerable children who need adult role models but who have their basic needs met.

Most of our children are in facilities (Child and Youth Care Centres), or in vulnerable communities.

Our children face challenges like loss and grief, abandonment, neglect, abuse in all its forms, exploitation and poverty.

Because of this it’s important that mentors be properly trained and supported to work with our children.

Is there an age limit to be a mentor?

As long as you are able bodied and can travel to see your Little Star you are eligible to mentor!

Many older people have an enormous wealth of knowledge and experience to share and we want to tap into that rich resource for our children!

How do we know if you are suitable to mentor?

We have a rigorous application process that involves some paperwork, hearing about you from your friends and family, a one-on-one interview to get to know you better, and the relevant criminal checks.

Our children come from challenging backgrounds where they have faced abuse and neglect, exploitation, death and loss, abandonment and poverty. As mentors we need you to protect your Little Star.

So we have to be extra careful and take every precaution.

We require all Bright Stars applicants to complete the following:

  • Full criminal clearance
  • Clearance from the Sexual Offender’s Register
  • Clearance from Part B of the National Child Protection Register
  • Commissioned Sexual Offender’s Affidavit
  • Indemnity

All of this takes place after you have been to a training day so that you apply with all the information at hand as to what the programme requires.

Can I mentor more than one child at a time?

The simple answer is no!

We are all about one-on-one care and relationships We want each child to feel special and unique with their mentor.

Can I mentor for longer than one year?

We are all about longevity and sustainable relationships! While the minimum commitment is for one year, we love it when mentors carry on for a second and third year, and we know that the children love it too!

What kind of logistics are involved in being a mentor, what should I expect?

  • Let us know your geographical location so that we can match you with your nearest Little Star.
  • Visitation is scheduled according to the availability of you and your Little Star– try stick to your weekly time slot.
  • Go have fun at your Little Star’s “home” for the first 2 months – get to know each other and bond in a safe environment.
  • After 2 months you will be given easy-to-follow steps to get permission for offsite activities – be sure to follow these steps properly.
  • Don’t take gifts, food or anything extravagant unless the occasion warrants it – mentorship is about relationship, support and caring, not money and stuff!
  • Keep us in the loop. If there are any changes to scheduling or you are going away and can’t make a visit, just let us know.
  • Include others. Your Little Star wants to be part of your life and this includes meeting your friends and family.
  • You will not be allowed to take your Little Star to your home. This is a strict Bright Stars policy.
  • Complete all required reports, evaluations and surveys (online).


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