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I understand that the purpose of the Bright Stars Mentorship Programme is to promote positive youth development by providing a positive role model and constructive life experience to a Mentee. With this objective in mind, I agree to honour the principles, practices and procedures of the programme which were explained to me during the training course.

I specifically agree to the following:-

  1. I understand that the nature of the relationship between me and my Mentee is a one-on-one relationship and that the content of all our discussions is private and confidential. Notwithstanding this, I understand that should I learn anything that could harm my Mentee and/or others I will discuss this with the Bright Stars Relationship Manager as soon as possible.

  1. That reliable, consistent contact between me and my Mentee is critical to the programme. I will ensure that I meet with my Mentee for at least an hour on a regular weekly basis as agreed between us for at least one year.

  1. That if for any reason I am unable to meet with my Mentee at the agreed time, I will contact him/her, his/her carer and the Bright Stars Relationship Manager to inform them in advance and to schedule an alternative time to meet.

  1. I agree to inform the Bright Stars Relationship Manager of any problems that may arise with regard to my relationship and/or match with my Mentee. Should a problem arise with regard to my own need for additional skills to handle issues faced by my Mentee, I agree to inform the Bright Stars Relationship Manager who will arrange for additional training and/or professional support for the situation. If problems pertain to the actual interpersonal dynamics between me and my Mentee, I agree to work with the Bright Stars Relationship Manager to rectify the situation if at all possible or, alternatively, to terminate the match in the most beneficial manner for my Mentee so that he/she can be re-matched more appropriately.

  1. I understand that the staff of Bright Stars and the pertinent stakeholders in my Mentee’s life (parent, teacher, carer, diversion officer etc.) are there to support my relationship with my Mentee and that the procedures for match monitoring and supervision are critical to avoid any problems arising. I thus agree to submit my monthly evaluation as is required with as much detail as I can, to adhere to any other reporting requirements as may be stipulated by Bright Stars, and to maintain regular contact with my Bright Stars Relationship Manager by responding to calls and/or emails, and to be available for face-to-face meetings when necessary. I also agree to keep the Bright Stars Relationship Manager informed of any change in contact details, address or place of employment as soon as this arises.

  1. I understand that before I am accepted as a prospective mentor I am to complete the necessary application and screening requirements including a criminal clearance and clearance against Part B of the Sexual Offender’s Register. I also understand that I will be required to undergo a full day training programme and that I will be required to participate in the programme evaluations both monthly and bi-annually.

  1. Bright Stars shall provide all the training materials and other resource guides necessary for the programme.

  1. The ownership of all the intellectual property rights in and to the materials shall remain vested in Bright Stars at all times. Materials shall not be reproduced, copied or sold without the written consent of Bright Stars.
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