What We Cover In Training

We keep our training practical, realistic, interactive and relevant!


We are constantly adding and improving our training material to ensure that our mentors get as much out of the experience as possible and feel empowered and ready to be a mentor because they understand what is required of them and how to do it!

We cover all or some of the following areas:

  1. Love, belonging and vulnerability
  2. Relationship building and development
  3. Setting boundaries and communication
  4. Youth development and cultural competency
  5. Dealing with trauma and abuse
  6. Educational deprivation in children and how to support your mentee
  7. Roles and responsibilities of mentors and benefits of mentorship for mentors and mentees
  8. Goal setting and having realistic expectations
  9. Mentor support and resources
  10. Bright Stars policies and procedures


Training supports our recruitment and screening procedures and allows mentors a bird’s eye view of what mentorship entails. You will leave changed!